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At TIKT, everything revolves around technical solutions. The use of the latest CAD/CAM technology, high-precision manufacturing and measuring technology, creates products of individual perfection.

We rely on our own production and distribution of  machined metal products of the highest quality and show with the development and production of forged wheels and performance parts for sports cars that we are technologically at home at the highest level.


Innovation has always been a top priority at TIKT. We started early with the development of our own solutions for various technical problems and are proud of our comprehensive product range. 

We are also happy to present our innovative products at motor sports events such as the sport auto Tuner Grand Prix.

By combining the three company branches TIKT Industries with the subsidiaries TIKT Performance and TIKT Manufaktur as well as the independent TIKT Schmiederad GmbH, we were able to create synergies to be able to meet all technological challenges in the future.


Precisely manufactured small parts up to complex assemblies - we can supply all this at a reasonable price. We rely on the use of modern CAD/CAM systems, with which individual customer wishes can be implemented cost-efficiently in-house. We are also happy to support our customers in outsourcing and in coping with production bottlenecks.


Here we let the facts speak for themselves. We are judged and evaluated by our customers according to the known systems. Our success rate here is over 99%.

This is proof that we process orders quickly, flexibly and above all at the highest quality level. Our employees enable us to do this with a high level of personal commitment and exemplary discipline. The attention to detail and the high quality standards can be seen in every part that leaves our factory. We attach great importance to the punctual delivery of our goods and receive very positive feedback from our customers, which confirms our actions.

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