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TIKT not only supplies workpieces and parts manufactured to customer specifications. Our offering goes far beyond pure milling, turning, welding etc.. Thus we are also a competent partner for the assembly and assembly of complete assemblies.

Based on customer drawings, parts lists, calculations and plans, we offer the assembly in accordance with specifications, professional assembly and on-time delivery of assembly assemblies. The great advantage here is the perfect coordination of the components with each other to form a finished product that can be used "plug & play".

We can draw on a wealth of experience gathered in the automotive industry and in special mechanical engineering, which allows us to supply even complex mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or any combination of components. On request, we can even handle electrical integration and cabling. Complete documentation and quality assurance according to the latest standards and customer requirements are a matter of course.


  • Customer-side individual ordering process enables easy scheduling and monitoring
  • Posting of a single goods receipt instead of costly individual picking and logistics
  • Direct component procurement by TIKT
  • Short and manageable assembly times on site
  • Calculable and reduced total costs for increased budget security
  • Reduction of personnel expenses and costs
  • Quality assurance of the complete assembly is ensured by TIKT
  • Everything from one source with optimal support
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