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CNC Milling

TIKT Competencies: CNC Milling

The fact that CNC milling machines are indispensable main components of our manufacturing operations is shown by the investments we have made in this area in recent years: From three machining centres in 2004, our machine park has grown to 15 machining centres today. In shift operation, the orders of our customers are executed on the high-quality CNC milling machines of the manufacturers Deckel, Hermle, Brother and Bridgeport six days a week. Exact and on schedule.

Whereas milling, i.e. the machining of immovably clamped workpieces, used to depend on the trained eyes and hands of experienced metalworkers, today computer-controlled CNC milling has become absolutely indispensable in order to carry out high-precision machining operations. Our CNC milling cutters are trained specialists who carry out even the most complex 3D machining operations using CAD/CAM systems and keep their knowledge and skills up to date through regular further training seminars.

Key technical data

  • The travels of our milling machines are 1000 mm (x), 750 mm (y) and 650 mm (z).
  • Machining centres in 3-, 4- and 5-axis versions with pallet changer are available.
  • Internal coolant supply up to 40bar
  • Direct displacement measuring system (glass scales)
  • Spindle speeds up to 16000upm

All machines have a high-speed network connection for monitoring and installing machining programs. In addition, our specialists program and operate the machines directly on site so that only perfect milling products leave our factory.

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