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CNC turning

TIKT Kompetenzen: CNC turning

High productivity with clean, precise work performance is the advantage of the modern CNC turning centres that we at TIKT use to produce your orders. We use equipment from the manufacturer Mazak.

Turning, like milling, is one of the machining manufacturing processes, whereby the workpiece to be machined is not clamped immovably, but rotates rapidly around machining axes in the CNC lathe, while the turning tools lift off the chips when approaching.

What is CNC turning?

CNC is the abbreviation for "Computerized Numerical Control". Thanks to CNC technology, we can manufacture turned parts automatically with high repeat accuracy. Not only the manual machining of each individual workpiece is a thing of the past, but also the limitation to a single machining axis. Modern CNC machines can have six machining axes - so even complex shapes can be produced CNC-automatically.

Our turning centers controlled by special CNC programs can machine workpieces up to a diameter of 570 mm and a length of 1500 mm. Once the machining information has been read in, it can be applied again and again exactly to many workpieces in succession, so that the processing of small series is possible even with the highest demands on accuracy.

We turn your parts for you

TIKT works with turning centres that use both driven tools and CNC lathes. Counter-spindles, hydraulic moving steady rests: We are prepared for your individual orders and provide continuous training of our skilled workers to guarantee first class standards.


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