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CNC Welding

TIKT Competencies: CNC Welding


We at TIKT not only turn or mill individual workpieces, but also professionally assemble entire welding assemblies. Welding is a matter of trust, because after all you have to be able to rely on the reliable joining of the materials. Therefore we pay special attention to the reliable joining of the materials and assemble components to fixed units according to customer specifications using state-of-the-art CNC welding equipment. 

  • WIG: Tungsten inert gas welding is a very slow welding process in which the welds are given an extremely high quality. The tungsten electrodes used have no direct connection to the electric circuit, they are not melted and therefore do not need to be replaced. Advantage: The current intensity can be adjusted to the material to be machined. The inert gas prevents a reaction between the material and the surrounding air; there is no smoke, toxic vapours or welding splashes.
  • MIG/MAG: Metal inert gas welding uses inert gases that do not react with the material, such as nitrogen, helium or xenon. As metal active gases, active gases are enriched with CO2, oxygen or a mixture of both in order to adjust the arc, the degree of flow and the burn-in behaviour, among other things.
  • Electrode welding: The electrode spacing influences the arc length. However, the electrodes are not only carriers of the arc, but also additional material. This process permits the welding of almost all metals and alloys.
  • Brazing: Brazed joints are created at temperatures between 450°C and 900°C and have very good strengthening properties. In contrast to welding, the metals to be joined are not melted but joined by the solder that is melted.
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