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The success story of the "TIKT" brand began in 1999, when we, the brothers Kresimir and Tomislav Bodrozic founded the company TIKT Industrie Projekte.

TIKT Frästeile

The buzzwords technology, innovation, cost optimization and adherence to delivery dates have therefore accompanied us ever since in our daily quest for maximum quality and performance. We live and love what we do and each of our highly qualified and experienced employees contributes with the highest degree of ambition and discipline to the fact that the products of our work meet highest requirements and often exceed these.

This is made possible by our extensive experience in manufacturing precision products for the high-tech industry, where we have been making a name for ourselves for over a decade. Our focus here is on machining all machinable materials with a focus on aluminium, and thanks to intelligent stocking of semi-finished products and the use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems, we can respond very flexibly to individual orders.


We attach great importance to close personal contact with our customers, which has always been an important part of our corporate philosophy.

Of course, we offer our customers logistics specially tailored to their needs in order to minimize waiting times and warehousing. We flexibly use our in-house transport solutions as well as the usual transport service providers.


Passion for performance

TIKT Frästeile

We use our know-how not only to provide our customers the best possible support for their projects, but also to continually expand our own broad range of performance products for vehicles in track use.

Our motorsport customers count on our 24/7 support, which is immediately flexible when needed. After all, motor sports mainly take place on weekends and we have often had the opportunity to deliver on our promise.

Performance out of passion means for TIKT to put special shifts in place at late hours in case of an emergency, especially on motorsport weekends, in order to be able to deliver the urgently needed parts to our customers in time before the next track assignment.

TIKT Performance Parts

TIKT Frästeile

Due to the great success of our performance products, the subsidiary TIKT Performance Parts was founded in 2005. What started with tuning parts for quads, grew steadily from parts for hobby racing to products for professional racing.

Our product portfolio developed from brake caliper brackets, brake disc pots, sliding blocks, Unibal spherical bushings, strut bearings and pedal pads to clutch parts, short shifters and mechanical immobilizers - in short: complex assemblies are our strength.

We always keep our finger on the pulse of the times and can therefore react quickly to the trends and needs of the motor sports scene. We are where our customers are: at racetracks, trade fairs and exhibitions.

As insiders of this scene, we are able to develop innovative solutions and to offer cost-effective solutions with maximum performance with our know-how in production and development. For example, in the area of cooling for high-performance vehicles, we are pioneers for innovations.


Track Days, Messen und der Tuner Grand Prix

Of course, at TIKT Performance we do not only transform customer vehicles into very special individualists on four wheels with the help of well thought-out performance and function optimizations - we impressively demonstrate on our own vehicles which performance increase can be achieved through targeted modifications.

For years, our TIKT vehicles have been a familiar sight at trade fairs, track days and not least at motor sports events such as the annual Tuner Grand Prix as part of the sportauto High Performance Days.

At these events our Tomislav always has the opportunity to compete successfully as a talented and committed hobbyist with professional racing drivers.

And this is what we at TIKT Performance strive for: maximum performance with optimum drivability.

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