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Performance and individualization

Performance und Individualisierung

Cars, especially fast cars, have always been our great passion. We, Kresimir and Tomislav Bodrozic, don't just enjoy driving, we also enjoy getting the most out of a car. Already at a young age we optimized our Golf GTI's and improved the performance of the vehicles within the scope of our knowledge and the possibilities at that time. As long as we can think back, our enthusiasm for beautiful and fast cars is unbroken. We have always had the sensitivity for vehicles and performance improvement in our blood.

There must be more to it 

When optimising our cars over the years, we have recognised that even in good products, there is still room for improvement. "There must be more to it," we thought and recognized the performance potential that lies in this area. If others can't help, then we have to take action ourselves and decide to manufacture our own vehicle parts. With success!

High-end products from TIKT Performance

We want to supply our customers with the best possible products to optimise performance, driving behaviour or appearance of your vehicle - always depending on what you focus on. We are continuously expanding our product range. So far our focus has been on Corvettes C6 and C7 and we have developed individual and convincing solutions from the interior, brakes and chassis to the wheels.

We recently expanded our portfolio to Porsche and AMG GTRs. We are very excited about this challenge and look forward to new solutions!

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