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Carbon Fiber Parts


In addition to classic performance parts made of metal, TIKT Performance also offers a wide range of carbon fiber parts for the Corvette C6. These parts were developed especially for the C6 and are individually manufactured in highest quality.

The TIKT Performance Carbon Parts are characterized by a perfect fit, sensational workmanship, low weight, beautiful appearance and - above all - function. Each of the offered parts fulfils a certain purpose and is ideally used in combination with other carbon parts to achieve an optimal result.

Should a carbon part be damaged, the defective components can be replaced without having to replace the complete front, for example. 

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  1. TIKT Standalone Front Grille for C7 Z06 2018 and up

    Item number: TC7-NK-0002

    This is the new TIKT Standalone Grille, which can be installed in any Corvette C7 Z06 front. The laser-cut grille insert is included as well as additional air ducts for optimal cooling of the front brakes for improved braking performance.

    Additionally, a cold air intake is integrated, which ensures that the engine always has fresh and cool air to breathe.

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  2. TIKT Carbon Fiber C7 Street Spec Underbody

    Item number: TC7-KK-0010

    This component is a road legal component including additional oil cooling. Due to the modular design, the underbody can be mounted to the standard C7 Z06 front in 30-40min even for the inexperienced user.

    The underbody fits perfectly plug & play to the original C7 Z06 front fascia and amplifies the sporty look.
    Additionally, a suitable oil cooler is included, which relieves the standard oil cooling. The water cooling system and the charge air cooling system remain untouched.
    The package includes the underbody, the oil cooler, oil line adapter and the necessary mounting material.

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  3. TIKT Carbon Fiber C7 Track Spec Underbody

    Item number: TC7-C-001-L

    Carbon Fiber track spec underbody for maximum downforce.

    Only in combination with our TIKT Cooling Kit for more aerodynamic downforce on the race track.

    This kit is a pure racing part without road approval. Due to the modular construction, the underbody is also exchanged for the untrained user in 30-40min. We have placed the underbody in such a way that it fits perfectly to the front spoiler which comes in the cooling kit.

    Included is the long underbody, as well as two support wires and their brackets.

    Only in combination with TIKT carbon fiber front spoiler of the TIKT cooling system.

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  4. TIKT carbon fiber hood for C7 Z06

    Item number: TC7-C-015

    The slotted carbon fiber hood with two fresh air intakes front left and right and 6 air outlets directly above the supercharger is another key component to our sophisticated cooling system.
    Since the factory C7 Z06 takes its intake air from a small cavity on the side of the fender, it comes with a restriction in stock form.
    The supercharger can directly suck cool fresh air through our Naca inlets, thus reducing the delta between ambient temperature and IAT measuring point 1 to practically zero.
    Hot air from the exhaust manifolds and the warm ambient air around the supercharger is extracted through the outlet ducts directly through the hood.
    In case it rains or when the car is washed, a removable carbon cover by which accumulated water is drained downwards is included.

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  5. TIKT carbon fiber rear wing for C7 Z06 / ZR1

    Item number: TC7-C-008

    Multi-part, free-standing rear wing incl. all attachments, which provides higher downforce on the rear axle (tested up to 300km/h).
    This rear wing is a performance part intended for race tracks.

    For Corvette C7 Z06 / ZR1

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  6. TIKT carbon fiber rear spoiler for C7 Z06

    Item number: TC7-C-026

    V-max carbon fiber rear spoiler.

    The standard spoiler package (Stage 2/3) from GM is designed for a lot of downforce, thus sacrificing top speed.

    We've developed a spoiler that gives the car enough downforce without spoiling the sharp design of the C7 Z06, and with much less drag than the stock rear spoilers.

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  7. TIKT carbon fiber side skirts for C7 Z06 / ZR1

    Item number: TC7-C-007

    High-strength and ultra-light side skirts, suitable for the Corvette C7 Z06. (20 mm wider than the standard side skirts).

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
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