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Hood support brackets


The use of a sports car on the race track poses great challenges for the vehicle's cooling system. There are various approaches to keeping oil and coolant temperatures low. For example, ventilation slots in the bonnet can be used to remove warm air from the engine compartment. TIKT has recently found another very effective solution: special hood support brackets.

Our hood support brackets not only secure the hood on the track, as standard locks often can’t. Our basic idea during the development was to leave the open by approx. 30 mm when closing it, so that the hot air can escape from the engine compartment when driving and is literally sucked out by the airstream, thus cooling the entire engine compartment.

TIKT Performance Hood Support Brackets for Corvette C6

These hood support brackets are not only tested by ourselves, but have already been successfully tested by many other Corvette drivers. It was shown that water and oil temperatures could be reduced by up to 10 degrees - a major advantage on the racetrack. By lowering the coolant and oil temperature, the alternator, starter motor, master brake cylinder, clutch and gearbox also benefit from the reduction of heat soak in the engine compartment. 

The hood support brackets for the Corvette C6 can be mounted and ramoved within seconds without tools or dirty fingers. No other hood is required. We've tested the hood support brackets on the track at speeds up to 300 km/h.

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  1. TIKT Performance Hood Support Brackets for the Corvette C6

    Item number: T-00097

    Our TIKT Performance Hood Support Brackets for the Corvette C6 have a simple task. They ensure that the bonnet is slightly raised while driving, so that the hot air is sucked out of the engine compartment and is continuously cooled.

    ATTENTION: TIKT Performance Hood Support Brackets are high-end products designed for use on the racetrack only. They are not approved for road use. (No warranty)

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