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Corvette Performance: Interieur


The Corvette C6 comes from the factory with very comfortable seats that offer good long-distance comfort but are only suitable to a limited extent for sporty driving on winding roads or racetracks due to the almost non-existent lateral support.

The TIKT GT3 Style seats offer perfect lateral support combined with excellent long-distance comfort. The specially adapted design to the Corvette ensures a very wide seat adjustment range, ensuring a perfect seating position for every driver.

The seat adjusters are taken from Recaro and are combined with TIKT seat consoles and brackets for a perfect fit. Some parts are also taken from the original Corvette seats and incorporated into the TIKT GT3 Style seats.

The backbone of the seats is formed by several layers of carbon fiber, which results in extremely low weight and maximum level of safety. The seat shells are shaped to ensure maximum lateral support on the racetrack and no compromises in long-distance comfort.

The seats are upholstered according to the customer's wishes and your individual specifications.

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  1. High-quality performance bucket seat TIKT GT3 Style

    Item number: TC6-I-001

    The TIKT GT3 Style bucket seat consists of several layers of real carbon and was specially developed for the Corvette C6.

    Product features:

    • Very high lateral support in corners
    • Great long-distance comfort
    • Individual upholstery design options according to customer requirements
    • Incl. brackets, slider, holder and mounting material
    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  2. TIKT Performance steering wheel (without impact pot)

    Item number: TC6-I-002

    The TIKT Performance steering wheel is the perfect complement to the TIKT Performance GT3 Style seats.

    The cover material of the steering wheel can be selected individually, e.g. to match the GT3 Style bucket seats.

    Nothing connects the driver with the vehicle more than the steering wheel. Perfect haptics and ergonomics as well as the 12 o'clock marking adopted from racing are, in addition to a very high-quality appearance, the key features of the TIKT Performance steering wheel for the Corvette C6.

    The impact pot costs 119,- € incl. VAT extra.

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  3. Clubsport Bügel für C6

    Item number: b-c6
    Incl. 19% Tax
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