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Corvette Performance: Uniball


Since standard sports car suspensions always represent a compromise between driving dynamics and driving comfort, they are not the optimum for use on the race track. Consequently, there is potential for optimization with regards to performance.

In addition to shock absorbers and springs, the suspension geometry also plays an important role in chassis optimization. Besides the lowering of the vehicle’s pivot point with unchanged wheel kinematics by our TIKT wheel carriers for the Corvette, we recommend as a further optimization option the exchange of the stock joints with rubber bushings against TIKT Uniball2x2 joints.

Advantages of Unibal spherical bearings

  • More precise transfer of drive, steering and braking forces between wheel, suspension and body. The radial loads as well as the axial forces are transmitted lash-free.
  • Exact control of the wheels to the body and play-free and low-friction joint connections, resulting in higher rigidity of the force-absorbing components.
  • Precise axle control and prevention of unwanted body movements give the driver more precise feedback of the current driving situation.
  • High stability with maximum range of motion, enables more precise chassis adjustment
  • Increased durability and service life compared to standard joints due to high-quality materials and manufacturing processes

We would like to mention that while our TIKT Uniball joints deliver increased performance, they are at the expense of ride comfort by eliminating the damping effect of standard rubber mounts.

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  1. TIKT Performance Unibal Joints

    Item number: TC6-S-001

    Complete set of TIKT Performance Unibal spherical bearings for all eight triangular links (without bearings for the damper mounting) . These Unibal joints replace the relatively elastic rubber bushings of the standard suspension with metal bushings to connect the individual suspension parts.


    ATTENTION: TIKT Performance Unibal parts are highly sensitive high-end products that are subject to regular inspection and are intended for use on the racetrack only. No approval for road use. (No warranty.)

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
  2. TIKT Performance Unibal shock absorber mount

    Item number: TC6-S-001-HU

    Incl. 19% Tax
    or plus assembly costs
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