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Despite ceramic brakes, the production car tends to have pronounced brake fade during sporty use, especially on GP circuits.
We were able to confirm this during our tests at Hockenheim, Nürburgring GP and Spa so far, despite motorsport brake fluid and pads.
The TIKT carbon brake cooling for the front axle was created with the latest development methods such as 3D scanning and modeling to ensure the optimal airflow to the brake disc.
The original armature plate is replaced by an aerodynamically optimized component made of carbon and Kevlar-reinforced fabric, which collects the fresh air for cooling by means of a large air scoop and directs it specifically to the inside of the brake disc.
This provides extremely improved internal ventilation of the brake disc and offers optimal dissipation of braking energy into the environment. This prevents dangerous fading as well as a "soft" brake pedal, even in the toughest race track use.
Thanks to the materials used in the usual TIKT quality, the brake cooling is not only up to all external influences such as stone chips and pickup from the race track, but even lighter than the original installed armature plate.
So bremst der AMG GT-R / GT-S dauerhaft auf höchstem Niveau für maximalen Fahrspaß und Sicherheit.

Available in pairs incl. mounting material.

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